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Kim Jong Kook's Profile:

Name: Kim Jong Kook (김종국)

Birth Date: April 25, 1977
Family: Parents, 1 Older Brother, Jong Kook
Education: Myeong Hak Elementary School, Shin Seong Middle and High School, Han Se University, Dan Kook University Postgraduate
Hobby/Interest: Sports (Weights, Soccer, Boxing), Soccer Game
Blood Type: A
Religion: Buddhism
Nickname: Bear
Management Company: 101 Entertainment
Soccer Team: Entertainer Soccer Team FC Burett System
Official Website: Kim Jong Kook's Official Website
Fan Clubs : Official Korean Fan Club, Kim Jong Kook Global, KJK Soompi Fan Club, KJK Chinese Fan Club

Debut: Sep 1, 1995 Turbo group & Dec 6, 2001 Solo

Turbo Albums:

09/06/1995 -- Turbo 1st album 280 Km/H Speed
08/14/1996 -- Turbo 2nd album New Sensation
11/29/1996 -- Carol Album X-Mas Dance Party Mix with Turbo
06/24/1997 -- Turbo Summer Remix
10/22/1997 -- Turbo 3rd album Born Again
10/17/1998 -- Turbo 4th album Perfect Love
07/15/1999 -- Millenium Turbo Dance Megamix
01/27/2000 -- Turbo 5th album E-Mail My Heart
06/19/2001 -- Turbo History Best

Solo Albums :

1st album Renaissance
Korean Lyrics || Romanization || Translation
MV 행복하길 (Haengbok Hagil / Wishing You Happiness) Streaming
Listen Here (cr: mythnoona)

2nd album Evolution
Korean Lyrics || Romanization || Translation part 1
MV 한 남자 (Han Namja / One Man) Streaming
MV 중독 (Joongdok / Intoxication) Streaming

3rd album This Is Me
Korean Lyrics || Romanization || Translation part 1 part 2 part 3
MV 제자리걸음 (Jejarigoreum / Walking In One Spot) Streaming
MV 사랑스러워 (Sarangseurowo / Loveable) Streaming
MV 별, 바람, 햇살 그리고 사랑 (Byul,Param,Haessal Keurigo Sarang / Star,Wind,Sunlight and Love) Streaming

4th album Kim Jong Kook's Fourth Letter
Korean Lyrics || Romanization || Translation part 1
MV 편지 (Phyonji / Letter) Streaming
MV 사랑한다는 말 (Saranghandaneun Mal / Saying I Love You) Streaming
MV 꿈을 향해 (Kkumeul Hyanghae / Towards A Dream) Streaming
MV 사랑이에요 (Sarangieyo / It's Love) Streaming

01. 고맙다 (Komapda)
02. 그리운 날들 (Keuriun naldeul)
03. 오래 오래 (Feat. 마이키 Mikey) (Orae orae)
04. 어제보다 오늘 더 [TITLE] (Eojeboda oneul teo)
05. Forever (Feat. 마이티 마우스 Mighty Mouth)
06. 이보다 더 좋을 순 없다 (Feat. 시진 Shijin) (Iboda teo joheul sun eopda)
07. 그 집앞 (序曲) (Keu jib ap)
08. 그 집앞 (Keu jib ap)
09. 사랑에 취해 (Feat. 주석 Joosuc) (Sarange chwihae)
10. 이별의 정석 (Ibyeol e jeongseok)
11. 이제는 안녕 (Ijeneun annyeong)
12. 사랑해 널 사랑해 (Feat. 창따이 Changddai) (Saranghae neol saranghae)
13. 어떤 사람 어떤 사랑 (Eoddeon saram eoddeon sarang)
14. 우리 둘이서 (Uri duriseo)

Digital Singles:
December 2005 -- Kim Jong Kook Digital Single
MV 스키장에서 (White Love (ft. Mikey)) Streaming

11/23/2007 -- Turbo & Kim Jong Kook Digital Mini Album "2007 Hwesang (Recollection)"

01/04/2008 -- Turbo & Kim Jong Kook Digital Mini Album "2007 Hwesang (Recollection) part 2"
Track Listing || Listen To The Songs


6/22/2004 -- featured in Kim Jang Hoon's digital single "Highway Romance"

12/24/2004 -- participated in a various artist recording of "When That Day Comes" Streaming

12/01/2005 -- Big 4 Voices of My Dream Digital Single "Untouchable" with SG Wannabe and M To M
MV Untouchable Streaming

11/15/2006 -- S.101 Digital Single "I'll Follow You (ParamMan ParamMan)" with SG Wannabe
Korean Lyrics || Romanization || Translation
MV 바람만바람만 (Paramman Paramman / I'll Follow You) Streaming


Il Gan Sports TV Korea Music Daesang Singer Award
Sports Seoul - Seoul Gayo Daesang Singer Award
KBS Gayo Daesang Singer Award
MBC Gayo Daesang Singer Award
SBS Gayo Daesang Singer Award

Il Gan Sports - 2004 Golden Disk PAVV Popularity Award
Sports Seoul - Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Award
SBS Music Awards Bonsang Award
KBS Music Awards Bonsang Award
MBC Best 10 Singer Music Awards Bonsang Award

M-net Music Festival Best Male Solo Award
Golden Disk Bonsang Award
KBS Entertainer Awards Best Entertainer
SBS Music Awards Daesang Award
KBS Music Awards Daesang Award
MBC Music Awards Most Popular Singer
Hankook Pangsong (Korean Programming) Producer's Prize Singer Award
Korean TV Awards Photogenic Solo Singer Award
Korean Entertainer Awards Ballad Award

Golden Disk Bonsang Award

Kim Jong Kook has also appeared in many music, variety, and game shows. He was also an active guest star in SBS X-Man from 2004-2006. In addition to that he was also active in KBS Happy Sunday Nalara Shoot Dori as the head coach of a kids' soccer team. Starting from 26 October 2008 he will also be part of SBS Family Outing. This will mark Kim Jong Kook's return to the variety show circuit.

Kim Jong Kook released his fifth album on 22 October 2008 after more than 2 years of absence due to his military service.

Variety Shows :
2008 SBS Family Outing -
2004-2006 SBS X-Man - Regular Guest
2005-2006 KBS Nalara Shoot Dori - Coach

Miscellaneous :

What other celebs have to say about Kim Jong Kook

Talking about the man "Kim Jong Kook" – on Televison Zone [I believe this interview was taken in 2005 about the time when KJK received the Daesang awards]

U-Know Yun Ho said..
"The very first time I was supposed to go on X-man, the camera light didn’t come out. I was sitting in the corner not knowing what to do. (Kim Jong Kook) showed concern to me and patted me on my back. He earnestly spoke to me; not knowing that his words that time gave me so much strength.. Jong Kook sunbaenim cares for all of his juniors just like a hyung (older brother); I see him as a great Korean man.. It is well known that he shows concern for the newbies; Jong Kook sunbaenim is different than the other sunbaenims."

Lee Min Woo
"At the time I was about to debut under Shinhwa….I was at the waiting room when surprisingly a singer from Turbo greeted me; Jong Kook hyung approached me first. It was very surprising for me as a newbie to have a sunbaenim showing favor by greeting me first like that. A few years have passed since then but even now when we are (recording) a program together he still hasn’t changed and he is still the same hyung."

‘SS501’ Kim Hyun Joong
"Sunbaenim showed a lot of concern and spoke words of encouragement to me as a newbie. During broadcasting in the waiting room he tries to make people laugh. He gathers all the juniors and gives newbies like me many kind advice and encouragement.
I’m always thankful (to him); this time it is only right for Jong Kook hyungnim to receive the Daesang (year end awards)."

Chae Yeon
"I think about the first time I became a singer; I was in the recording studio recording with my idol. I remember when I was young I knew Turbo’s schedule and went to the Dream Concert….
I don’t know how he could remember me; (but) he doesn’t know how thankful I am that he remembers me. During Turbo time I like Turbo songs and Jong Kook oppa; (now as) the singer Chae Yeon, my heart hasn’t changed at all."

Park Kyung Lim
"When I was in high school I really liked Turbo. At the time of school I was in public relations I didn’t like to study and I was crazy about PR. Eventually/Finally I was able to interview Turbo; at that time Jong Kook oppa said to me, "This kid! You look like a boy~"*lol*. After a few years I saw him during a recording and I shouted "Oppa!". Jong Kook oppa then said, "Oh? This kid… why are you here?" he looked happy seeing me…. When I was young I was a fan of Turbo, now I am a fan of the person Kim Jong Kook and a big fan of the singer Kim Jong Kook; I have a lot of good memories about my school days and I’m always thankful for what Jong Kook has done for me… Even though we are pretty close now …he is still the oppa that I like."

Yoo Seung Jun during a performance in China
"I still keep in touch with Jong Kook and Tae Hyun up to this day and we always (ask each other) how we’re doing. I’ve been too busy and haven’t been able to see them (lately)… I really miss them… Jong Kook’s album did really well; I’m happy for it, thankful for it, and I want to congratulate him on it. As for Tae Hyun I hope this time his movie will be the best… Jong Kook and Tae Hyun are certainly the friends that I love the most; I can see that they have both become fine musicians and fine actors… I miss you Tae Hyun and Jong Kook."

Hong Kyung Min
"Jong Kook is a serious guy just like in the Han Namja (One Man) lyrics. He will make it difficult for the woman that he loves as he only thinks about his love one in a relationship; he is one thick-headed man when it comes to this-- He compares getting a woman to catching a fish—where can you find such a man? *lol* . This is a thick-headed man who will be ‘all-in’ to one woman.. He walks together with friends on Lunar New Year not knowing how strong he is."
[I am not sure about some of what Hong Kyung Min pardon me if some sentences do not make sense at all]

MC Mong
"I have always liked Jong Kook hyung’s songs from his Turbo days but now I am honored to have him as a really close hyung.. I see his warm heart , also when I eat with him in private when there’s no woman around he isn’t quiet anymore. thumbsup.gif Jong Kook hyung is a really just/righteous person ; he is also well-spoken.. During broadcasting I was really bothered with the camera not coming out (Jong Kook hyung) immediately came running up and said "Sorry" like this..
Now I feel like he isn’t just a close hyung anymore but a real hyung.. I really want to be like Jong Kook hyung.."

One Two
Korea’s number one entertainer with the best character is Jong Kook hyung~

Kim Je Dong
" I most often see Jong Kook at the company. Regardless of happy time or sad time he always stood by me. When Seung Jun was getting married he alone went to America; as a dongsaeng (younger brother) he is really wonderful… At that time I know Han Namja was number one but he still went. Yoo Jae Suk hyungnim also speak well of Jong Kook."

Hwang Bo
"Jong Kook oppa is quiet and doesn’t say much to me. He just smiles. He also does that to other female entertainers. Kyung Lim unni and Eun Hye are the only ones he talked to. Even to me he spoke in honorific words ~ I would like to be closer to him~~~"

Yoon Eun Hye
" In the beginning we only exchanged greetings but after the scandal we became really close; we occasionally eat out together and we also call each other on the phone. He has really good manners and that’s what makes oppa charming.. My mother likes him especially.
He has a good character, and is also fair/just. Is there anyone in the entertainment world that doesn’t like him?"


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